Call for participation in the international art exhibition (virtual)

Women - the pilars of society

SI Club Netanya, Israel initiated and established this virtual project, especially during this period of closure and social distance.
We hope that the virtual exhibition will leverage the creativity of the members and will form the basis for strengthening the bond between the members of the European Federation (and later with SI).
The project is a leap forward in the visibility and presence of Soroptimist artists throughout the European Federation and later also in the  Soroptimist International organization.
This virtual exhibition is intended for Soroptimist artists in Israel and the European Federation.
The virtual gallery platform will be used in the future for more artistic activities of Soroptimist members.
We expect and hope for a high response from the members and for receiving works (painting, drawing, artistic photography) which will be selected and displayed due to a curatorial process.
The theme  "Women - the pillars of society" is broad and gives expression to diverse attitudes and believes.

On behalf of the Israeli Union, SI Club Netanya Israel, invites members of SIE to participate in a virtual art exhibition of painting, drawing and photography.

Who: any soroptimist member practicing visual arts as painting, drawing and art photography.
Deadline: the deadline to make a submission is 30.11.2020.
a) No more than three (3) works.
b) Each work will be submitted as a good quality file type JPG.
c) Files size 100k to 400K.
d) Allowed work sizes – up to 120 cm, width and/or height.
e) Information needed:
* Full name of the artist. * E-mail address. * Name of SI club, city and country. * Name of the work. * Size – width x height in cm.
f) The works will be accepted due to curatorial process.
Send to: Clara Lewi SI Netanya Club – Israel E-mail:
Opening: 10 December 2020, Soroptimist day.
Distribution of the exhibition: The participants and the presidents of the unions will receive the link to the gallery/exhibition and instructions how to open and tour the exhibition. Each of the recipients will be allowed to distribute the link by mail and social media without restrictions.

We look forward to a great participation in the virtual exhibition.
Clara Lewi - SI Club Netanya, Israel
Shoshi Frenkel - SI Club Netanya, Israel

2e lustrum SoroptimistClub Yerevan

Armenie 059.JPG

Van 30 april tot 3 mei 2020 viert SoroptimistClub Yerevan, de enige club in Armenië haar 2e lustrum.
Het is de moeite waard dit lustrum met een rondreis door Armenie te combineren georganiseerd door Ravinatours  Nadere informatie

Bekijk hierhet programma.



19-10-2019: 25th anniversary of SI Val  Brabant - Waterloo (Belgium)

Deze uitnodiging is gericht aan onze Uniepresidente, die verhinderd is. Wij zijn heel blij als iemand in haar plaats kan gaan.
Wil jij heel graag gaan, laat het ons weten. Mail naar

Dear SI Presidents of Germany, Great Britain and Ireland and The Netherlands,

The President and Members of SI Val  Brabant - Waterloo (Belgium) have the great pleasure of inviting you to the 25th anniversary of our Club on 19th October 2019.
The event will be held at the Queen Elisabeth Chapel in Waterloo.
The formal meeting will be followed by a concert given by the Young Soloists in Residence. The afternoon will end with a reception to be held in this prestigious setting.
To mark our anniversary we have decided to provide funding for one of the artists in order to support her in her chosen career.
We would be deeply honoured if you could grace this event with your presence.

In friendship,


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