Financial update 2017

So far we got donations from 21 donors and two institutions, amounting to almost 12,000 euro. We hope that our English newsletter will reach non-Dutch friends and sympathisers who care for orphans and their education.

On the expenditure side, we spent 3800 euro on the group of Khartoum orphans. Last year we reduced this group from 90 to 40, because there were not enough resources. We hope to give you an update of this group next time. In Kinshasa school fees are higher. We spent about 8500 euro for a group of 34 children and youth. Most of them are girls (26). Our admin cost remain low, about 400 euro, for bank and money transfer cost. We have a small gap to fill for 2017 and we need to raise money for next school year.

You are invited to join our efforts, and together we will be able to keep the students in school or in college. We realise it is just a small private initiative but we believe we can make a difference in people' s lives. If you like to help and be connected to an individual student, please let us know.

Our International Bank account:
Stichting Khaki Support Fonds NL13INGB0002707444
van Teylingenweg 186, 3471 GK Kamerik, Netherlands