Project ‘Geit voor een meid’ heeft € 3.034 opgeleverd


    Ons project ‘Geit voor een meid’ heeft in 2021 en 2022 totaal € 3.034 opgeleverd.

    De Stichting Nepal Sambandha gaf ons onderstaande informatie.

    We provided 72 female goats and 1 male goat to 73 families / women. We have provided these goats in three different villages in participation with local government. We have provided these goats in following villages: Banepa Opi (46 female, 1 male), Chamrangbesi (11 ), Bhardeu/Chaugare (15).

    We provided the goats to families who had nearly no income. The woman of the families can earn by raising goats. Mostly they are very small farmers and living in the rural part of Nepal. They live in tin cottages. We provided the goats to the woman of villages in the age between 20 – 70 years. In Chaugare some woman had minor disabilities.

    The poorest woman in the communities will have some income. By that they have more possibilities to send the children to school. They are more independent. Backward woman will have more access possibilities for healthcare, because they will have some money of their own.