Making gender diversity the norm, not a trend

Making gender diversity the norm, not a trend

    Onze lezingen-reeks over Feminien Leiderschap gaat verder!
    Op 10 juli behandelt Léonie Kennepohl, co-founder Female X Finance, het stimuleren van vrouwelijk talent in de financiële sector.
    Zelf zegt zij daarover (in het Engels; lezing in het Nederlands):

    “In 2021, at the age of 24, I started Female X Finance, a platform that connects female talent with the (still male-dominated) Finance sector. We are on a mission to increase female presence in the finance sector by investing in the next generation of female talent, and revolutionizing how businesses attract, hire and retain them.

    Our differentiator is not only that we focus on female talent, we focus on the next generation female talent. In the past 2.5 years I have experienced what it is like to set up a business that focuses on gender diversity in a male-dominated environment, but also how important the work is that we do!

    The finance sector is the perfect example of a masculine sector, even the women higher up the latter often have masculine traits beause they adjust to the environment they are in to ‘survice’ and be taken seriously. In order to make gender diversity the norm the discussion is no longer only men/women, but feminine/masculine and how that can help businesses improve their culture collaboration and results!

    During this session I want to shine a light on why we started this, our learning and what we believe is the best approach to improve gender diversity.”

    Hierover en meer, tijdens haar presentatie op 10 juli bij Cultura Ede.
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